Zakopane tours: best attractions and views

While visiting Kraków and parts, everyone should definitely spend at least one day in Zakopane. Even though it’s not as huge and magnificent as Kraków, Wrocław or Warszawa, it has its own kind of magic. What to see in Zakopane and why is it worth the time?

Special trips

Guides working in the city made sure that Zakopane tours are really interesting. Thus, people who hav never been in this part of the country, should definitely consider hiring a professional guide. It’s a person, who will be able to give many interesting facts about this town and also – show beautiful places, which wouldn’t be found while visiting the town alone.

The guides can also accompany tourists, who would like to hike in Tatra mountains. It is highly recommended for those, who don’t know Tatra well enough: visiting them with someone, who had been there many times, makes the whole trip safer. The guide will not only show the most beautiful views, but also will ensure, that the the chosen route is adapted to the climbers’ abilities.

Krupówki street

It’s one of the most popular places in the whole town. There are located the best restaurants and the most interesting museums as well. It’s also the most suitable place to find many interesting souvenirs and buy gifts.

While visiting Krupówki, everyone should check out Tatra museum and the place dedicated to famous polish writer – Kornel Makuszyński. Also, food served in the restaurants at Krupówki is worth a try – especially for polish treats lovers.