Why visit Zatorland?

Visiting Zatorland might be one of the best family trips one can take. It’s a great place to spend time with family and… well, a great way to keep children busy without being bored. What can be seen at this park?

A whole complex about different types of beings

Zatorland is made from a couple of parks, in which there can be found dinosaurs, bugs, butterflies and even some of the ancient, Greek creatures. It allows to learn, while still having fun – and it’s probably the best think about this park.

While children are being busy checking out the interactive dinosaurs, some of knowledge is literally smuggled into their heads. What can they see?

The biggest dinosaurs

At the Park of Animatronic Dinosaurs, there are more than a hundred of moving and making sound dinosaur figures. They are made with high level of accuracy, so it literally feels as if time traveling was possible and just happened. What is more, at this exhibit there are also workshops, during which children can find their own dinosaurs in plaster.

Butterflies, spiders, cicadas

Though not everyone will be happy to attend, the number of interesting bugs that can be seen at the park are definitely worth seeing. Some of them are even moving and most of them – is the size of a man, which makes the fun even bigger. The bugs are native to different parts of the world – and it means some of them cannot be seen at Poland. It is highly educational for children, but also really fun.