Why should we go to the jewish quarter Krakow?

Every year, many people wonder how to spend their holidays attractively? We should not forget that we do not have to go abroad to see really attractive places. It is very important to appreciate our country and your culture, which in many cities was very often diverse. Krakow is an example of such a city. So why is it worth going to the former capital of Poland? What can we see there?

The former capital of Poland more and more popular

First of all, we should remember that Krakow is a very old city, where many trade routes ran after the Middle Ages. It was in the market square in Krakow that the roads of many merchants who wanted to sell or buy a given product crossed. However, the former capital of Poland was also a city of many cultures. Not only many people of different nationalities came there, but also many of them lived there on a daily basis.

Jewish tour krakow deserves attention. On the Vistula River, near the market square, there was a Jewish district, where many interesting monuments have remained to this day. However, the Jewish population was massively killed during the war, therefore there are not as many Jews in Krakow as in other parts of the world today, as there were before the war. We can only find attractive monuments in the former capital of Poland, which are still preserved, because during World War II, Krakow was not really bombed too much. If we are passing through the former capital of Poland, it is definitely worth going to the jewish quarter in Krakow.