The best underground musem in Krakow

Recently, more and more people are willing to travel. This is not surprising, because thanks to this that we can quickly learn about a different culture and thus many interesting places. However, we should not forget that over time many people don’t have much money to drive far. So what is worth visiting in this case?

Krakow is becoming an eagerly chosen city

There are definitely many interesting places around the world that are worth visiting. However, many people still have no idea where to go. If we choose the direction we dream for very soon it turns out that we either do not have enough money for the trip or we do not have much free time.

That is why weekend trips in our country are very popular. During the weekend, more and more people visit the most beautiful Polish cities. Krakow is certainly on this list, which is a place eagerly visited by tourists. So what can we visit in the former capital of Poland?

First of all, being in the former capital of Poland, we should visit the royal castle in particular. It is a very beautiful place where we will find many monuments. We should not forget that many attractions are also waiting for us in the city center. More and more tourists are discovering modern solutions, such as the Krakow underground museum guided tour, for example. The underground museum in Krakow is located under the main square. There we can learn about the history of this city and see real monuments from several centuries ago.