The best Krakow nightlife

Everyone who comes to Krakow certainly wants to admire the attractive monuments of this city. However, we should not forget that we can have a lot of fun in the former capital of Poland. So what should we do in this case?

Popular Krakow nightlife

Everyone who comes here counts primarily on the nightlife. More than the Wawel or the Cloth Hall, tourists are interested in where to sit down and plunge into Krakow’s nightlife. In the guidebooks, a district such as Kazimierz reigns supreme on the party map, and in the hearts of the inhabitants as well, although recently a place that would never be visited at night by any reasonable person – the Vistula boulevards.

There are definitely many opportunities to spend our free time in Krakow. We should not forget that in this case it is worth choosing pubs that have many outdoor seats in particular. This is a very good solution, because thanks to this, we can enjoy the attractive, sunny weather and additionally drink alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks, which in such places certainly taste great.

Krakow nightlife

In the evening, especially at weekends, we can dance to live DJ sets. In summer, such places in particular flourish, the adjacent area is often flooded with sun loungers, in the evening we can watch a movie in the summer cinema under the open sky, and relax in yoga classes in the morning. In many places, especially on the Vistula River, no one complains about noise, so we can sit all night on a deckchair. And although crowds come here and sometimes it is hard to find a free sunbed, the magic of the place and the view of the monuments are second to none. More interesting information can be found here.