The best bar crawl in Krakow

More and more people decide to do their bachelor party or hen party in Krakow. We should not forget that it is indeed a very attractive place, but it is worth considering the organization of such a party very carefully. So what do we have to remember in this case?

Organization of the party – what to remember?

First of all, we need to know that Krakow is not a small city and, additionally, it is a student city. For this reason, it is very important in this case to take care not only of accommodation, if we are from another city, but also of booking at the club.

More and more people choose pubs and clubs in Krakow for such events. However, especially during the academic year, we should remember that it is very important to order such a reservation at the club or in the pub in advance. Many places can also be reserved by others and if we come a little later, for example to Krakow bar crawl, we may not sit down.

Krakow bar crawl

It is known that when deciding to visit bar crawl in Krakow, we will definitely be drinking alcohol in a group, so it’s sad to sit at the bar (check Especially if we are in a larger group of people, it may very quickly turn out that we do not even get to the bar. Therefore, booking in advance is very important and the selected pub will certainly not be a problem for us. Thanks to this, we will also be sure that when we come to the agreed time, a free place for us and for our future groom will be waiting for us.