Krakow pub crawl – how does it work?

In general the pub crawling is an activity when a group of people (friends or strangers) visit multiple pubs at one night to enjoy a drink or two and then move on. It can be one privately, by a group of people who know each other or one can use a special, organized activity.

How does the organized pub crawl Krakow work?

There are multiple companies who take care of that, but the rule is pretty simple every time. The tickets are being sold and in the evening, the group meets in a specified location in order to start the crawl. Usually the ticket costs around 10 to 20 Euro and the drinks are included in the price.

Krakow is being said as one of the best cities to party in and honestly, it’s a pretty accurate description. Its center holds many clubs and pubs, which can be visited by the group and enjoyed during the night.

How intense is it?

The amount of pubs that will be visited is in general set by the departure organizer, but usually 4 locations, maximum 5. It’s an amount which can be visited during one night without rushing through the pubs and chugging down the drinks at a maximum speed.

Pub crawl Krakow

Who will enjoy the pub crawl?

This activity is an amazing idea for those, who like spending time at the bars and at the same time, don’t really find sitting in one spot entertaining. It might be a great opportunity for people, who are new in Krakow. Not only can they spend some time with other people and make friends, but also get to know the best location in town. Find out more about bars worth visiting here.