Interesting Warsaw museums

While visiting Warsaw, many people get a hard time choosing the best museums to visit. No wonder: this city has so many years of (tough, sometimes) history behind it – the number of places to visit is almost limitless. One of the most interesting museums covering parts of regular life is vodka museum located in old Koneser complex. What can you see there?

One of a kind – museum of vodka history

Have you ever wondered, who got the idea of creating vodka and how exactly did it happen in the first place? Now you can learn it in Warsaw Vodka Museum: a place, which allows you to find many interesting facts of around five centuries of vodka brewing.

The museum was prepared by a group of enthusiasts, who took the trouble of finding many unique and interesting display units to show. What is more, also the location of museum isn’t random: the whole thing is based in old vodka factory (named Koneser), which prepared most popular Polish vodkas, such as Wyborowa. The buildings are an interesting view itselves and owners of the place made an effort to renovate insides, leaving unique character of this place and adding some modern touches to it.

Not only for locals

And the title doesn’t refer to the alcohol itself (though, it could): Warsaw Vodka Museum organizes tours not only in Polish, but also other languages with prior notice (except English: those tours are organized on a dailsy basis). It means that if you are interested in finding out how was the very first liters of vodka made – you are in the right place.

After you will check out all the exhibits, you get one in a time chance to do some vodka sampling with museum worker, who will explain the differences between all the served types of this alcohol. You will also get a chance to ask all the questions, which arose during the trip: the staff has a huge knowledge about this alcohol. And if you will be interested in taking some souvenir qith you – at the end of your trip you can visit the gift shop with many interesting objects.

More information about Polish Vodka Museum here.