How is vodka manufactured?

Have you ever wondered, how is the polish vodka made and why it’s so special in comparison to the alcohols from other parts of the world? There is a place you can learn those things and many more. If you are interested about the process of vodka making, visit Warsaw Vodka Museum.

Who can see the exhibitions?

Just like all the alcohols, museum is also allowed only for adults. To visit it, you must be 18 years old or higher. While visiting with a group of at least 8 friends, you can also ask the staff to organize a night trip for your whole group – in English or Polish.

Those, who never had a chance to actually try vodka or connoisseurs of it will be more than happy knowing, that there is a chance of alcohol sampling at the museum. In the gastronomic part of building, you can taste the best polish vodka – and part of the sampling is included in the ticket price!

Where is it located?

Warsaw Vodka Museum is located in an old complex of vodka manufacture. All the buildings were originally made around 1897, but were renovated from both inside and outside (in the outer part without changes in appearance of the building). The exhibitions are both traditional and interactive. There is also a small cinema room, in which you can see movies about vodka making.

History of six hundred years of changes in vodka manufacturing process is both interesting and fasctinating. Not only can you learn how it was made centuries ago, but also – how does the newest process look like and why the changes were applied.