A trip to Krakow? Here’s how to make it memorable!

No tourist can truthfully claim that their brief visit to Krakow was enough to meet all the wonders of this historic city. Its celebrated monuments, museums and streets still hide many secrets, and the area around the city is no exception! Instead of being contented with the usual tourist routes, why not stray from a beaten path and visit truly spectacular, less-known places?

City parks of Krakow – Nature in harmony with people

What about a walk through the old, historic park, with the trees that remember the times when aristocracy ruled over Poland? It’s easy – the Jerzmanowski Park awaits all the tourists curious about the Polish history and the amazing ways the Nature can work within the city.

It’s only one of many interesting terrains here in Krakow, the others being Bonarka, Lasek Borkowski, Las Wolski and many, many more. To get a detailed map of all the amazing green places within the city, it’s best to contact the City Information Office. https://www.seekrakow.com/en/thermal-pools-in-the-mountains/

Thermal Baths Krakow – a place to relax

In the best tradition of providing healing thermal waters for health and restoration, this unique complex won’t leave any fatigued tourist indifferent! The location of Thermal Baths Krakow can be described only as a picturesque, fairytale-like spot, between the beautiful hills and valleys surrounding the city.

The numerous pools full of mineral-rich waters are the best treatment for skin, hair and weary muscles – to say nothing of the mind. What is more, to get there from the centre of Krakow is extremely easy – there are organized tours with transportation provided by the facility.