Popular sights in Salzburg

Salzburg is a city very popular among tourists. More and more people, especially in holiday visits this city. So why this place has to be so popular?

Good to know that Salzburg is a city that is located in the north of Austria. In the city we will find a lot of different kinds of sights that attract many tourists. We include them among others, Fortress Hohensalzburg. This is one of the largest castles in Europe, the castle-fortress, which is located on a hill above the old town. Very many tourists visit the historic city center. We should know that in 1996 there were on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Very popular are also many historic churches, cathedral and palaces.

As previously mentioned, to Salzburg every year come many tourists. For this reason, if we find attractive, and above all, cheap accommodation, we should decide on the reservation prior to our arrival. As a result, we are sure that we have a bed, and the price will be more attractive. Very popular are now in Salzburg hostels. Hostels in Salzburg are primarily cheap, but also have good locations, as many hostels can be found in the center.

Salzburg is a very beautiful city. No wonder that every year is visited by many tourists. For this reason, if we want to visit them, it is worth well in advance to take care of your accommodation.